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10 Amazing Facts about Glasses You Probably Didn't Know

Glasses are widely used, whether they are just an accessory or you wear them to see better and protect your eyes. Since we can't think of a person who doesn't own at least one pair of glasses, we bring you some interesting and cool facts about spectacles. And for those who are not delighted by having to wear prescription glasses, well, they can use these fun facts as a great conversation starter.

1. The first version of a vision aid was invented 1000 years ago and was called a "reading stone." It looked like a small magnification glass. But the first wearable vision aid is thought to have been invented by Italian Salvino D'Armante in the thirteenth century. So, we can thank Italy for a cool accessory, as well as delicious food.

2. The first frames were made of wood, copper, leather, and bone. Spanish inventors attached ribbons to glasses simply to keep them from slipping down the nose. The modern style that enables glasses to rest on the bridge of the nose was created in the eighteenth century. 

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3. You've known Benjamin Franklin as one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America and the guy who did the lightning rod experiment, but did you know that he was also responsible for the invention of bifocal lenses. He was both far- and near-sited, and was tired of continually changing his glasses. So, he came up with the idea of putting both lenses in one frame. Good job, Benjamin!

Vintage Glasses4. Some people believe that wearing gold earrings and glasses at the same time can improve vision. We are not sure whether this is just a myth, but you can try and let us know if this combination helps you see better.

5. Don't be afraid to try someone else's glasses. The fact is that it won't damage your eyes. All you can experience if you wear them for long enough is a headache. But be aware that this doesn't apply to children, as their eyes are very sensitive.

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6. Even reading in dim light won't damage your sight. Good light will make reading easier, but dim light can't ruin your vision. So, you can enjoy reading in bed and allow your partner to sleep without a sleeping mask.

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7. Using the term glasses is no longer correct: actually, most glasses are now made of plastic. But no matter what you call them, it's always a good time to treat yourself to a new pair of plastics … we mean glasses. What do you think of these Aviator glasses?

Aviator Glasses

8. And now some statistics. According to studies, 25 percent of the world population has to wear prescription glasses or corrective lenses.

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9. Famous singer and songwriter Elton John has an impressive collection of glasses. Estimates of the size of his eyewear collection range from as high as 250,000 pairs to a more reasonable 2,000 pairs.

10. Wearing glasses won't make you addicted to them, but you can become addicted to looking great wearing them. Be sure to check out these amazing spectacles: Mira polarized sunglasses.