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About Us

Spektrum was created by two guys who just couldn't get off their computers. Despite our best efforts to be good and go outside, maybe smell some roses, we found ourselves spending hour after hour staring at our screens. Like many of you, our lives revolve around technology, not just professionally but socially and personally as well. As much as we may fight it, we are addicted to it. Lose your phone for a couple of hours and you’ll see what we mean.

But now science is telling us more and more that prolonged exposure to our screens is not good for our eyes or our health. So just before we gave up our way of life, left our friends and families, and ventured into a wilderness still untouched by humans - we decided to do something about it. We found a way to cut out the bad but keep the good and began an epic journey to develop the best computer glasses on the market today. 

If you want to hear more from us shoot us a note:


Or reach us toll-free at:

844.Spektrum (844.773.5878)

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347-71 West 2nd
Vancouver, British Columbia,
Canada V5Y 0J7

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