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5 Makeup Tips If You Wear Glasses

How can you prevent foundation stains on your frames? What if your lashes touch the lenses? We have answers to these and other questions girls who wear glasses might ask.

Yes, wearing glasses doesn't mean a girl can't put makeup on and look fabulous.

1. If you wear prescription glasses, be sure you have an excellent magnifying mirror. It will help you avoid mistakes and look flawless.

For a stylish look, choose Artist glasses, a modern take on a vintage classic.

Artist Glasses

2. You should opt for mascara instead of fake eyelashes. We recommend you choose a mascara that boosts the volume of your eyelashes. Also, use a curler, and wait for your mascara to completely dry before putting glasses on.

3. Prevent foundation from sticking to your frames by applying matte moisturizer. As a final touch before putting your glasses on, apply setting spray. Your makeup will last longer, and you won't have marks on your frames.

4. What about your brows? Well, you definitely don't want them to hide behind the frames, so you should pay special attention to filling them. But be careful, because the skin behind the brows doesn't need to be completely filled; brows shouldn't look heavy and fake.

This model has narrow frames, which won't hide your perfectly shaped eyebrows: Pro - classic and simple frames

5. As for the colors, the shadow should be a little darker than the frames. Experts recommend purple and blue shades for hazel eyes, and brown and bronze tones will look great in combination with green and blue eyes. You can use eyeliner, which should also be a bit darker than the frames. For a balanced look, since the glasses themselves can draw attention, apply bolder lipstick

We can also recommend the Frost, model that will look great with most of the color combinations.

Frost Glasses