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6 Safety Tips for Night Driving

Driving when the sun goes down can be difficult and stressful even if you are not tired. Here are some very useful tips that will help you enjoy every mile on a dark road, knowing that you and your passengers are safer.

Adjust headlamps

If your headlamps are not level, they can cause trouble for oncoming drivers – they can cause reflections and even make it harder to see you in bad weather conditions. So, you should check and adjust the headlamps so they point in the correct direction.

Clean the windshield and headlamps

You would be surprised by the difference in the light emitted by the headlamps once you clean them thoroughly. As for the windshield, even if it looks pretty clean during the day, a smeared windshield will cause significant distraction at night. Also, don’t forget to clean the inside of the windshield.

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Dim your dashboard

If your dashboard has a dimmer option, use it while driving at night. The bright lights of the dashboard can cause distracting reflections on the windshield.

Don’t look at oncoming lights

Staring at oncoming lights can disrupt your concentration, because your eyes are used to the dim glow of the dashboard and the dark road.

Wear night driving glasses

Night driving glasses have special lenses that improve vision by filtering bright lights, increasing contrast, and eliminating glare. This improves your depth perception and ability to distinguish colors, both of which are impaired in poor weather conditions and at night when your eyes are tired.

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Keep your eyes moving

Don’t let your eyes get tired – change your focus every now and then. Your eyes should be moving and scanning around your field of vision (while you keep them on the road, of course).