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8 Simple Ways to Get Rid of a Headache without Taking Painkillers

We have good news for those who suffer from various types of headaches: there are many ways to feel better without taking pills.

A cold-pack or heating pad

If you suffer from migraines, try applying a cold-pack on your forehead or taking a cold shower. However, if you have a tension headache, you should put a heating pad on your neck or back of your head. Also, placing a warm cloth on the sinus area can help if you have a sinus headache.

Drink water

A headache can be a sign that you are dehydrated. So, before reaching for the painkillers, drink a glass of water.

Nod your head a few times

Tensions in your muscles can cause a headache, too. That’s why gentle neck stretches can help ease the pain.

Wear blue light blocking glasses

Blue light emitted from digital devices can cause eyestrain, blurred vision, insomnia, and headaches. That’s why wearing blue light blocking glasses while staring at your phone, working on a computer, or watching a TV is a great idea.

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Smell rosemary

Rosemary is more than just a spice you put in your special dishes – it has healing powers! Crush fresh spring between your fingers and inhale the aroma. It will help you relieve the headache. Also, you can massage your temple with a drop of rosemary essential oil.

Take ginger

Rosemary is not the only food that can help you say goodbye to headaches – ginger has the same properties. So, when you feel like the headache is knocking on your door, we suggest you take a cup of ginger tea instead of painkillers.

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Drink Caffeine 

A cup of coffee or tea can help you feel energized, but they also ease your headache pain. Just be careful, because too much caffeine might cause its own type of headache.


Many types of headaches are caused by stress. So, practicing some relaxing techniques, such as yoga or meditation, can make the pain go away.

So, when you have a mild headache, we suggest you make a nice ginger tea, put on your blue light blocking glasses, and relax while watching your favorite TV show. But if your headache doesn’t go away soon, please consult your doctor.