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Computer Glasses for Gamers

New technologies, among other things, create new comforts and new habits. Today, digital devices in all their various forms are present in people's lives from an early age, whether they are computers, cell phones, tablets, etc. As long as there is a balance, there is nothing wrong with that. New habits open new doors, and one of the many opportunities is electronic sports (e-sports). Like many other remote jobs, people who do e-sports spend hours in front of their computers. Let’s dig a little deeper.

What is e-sport?

E-sport is a "sport" in which the basic functions are facilitated by the use of electronic systems. The input of players and teams, as well as the output of the entire e-sports system, is mediated by human–computer interfaces. In other words, e-sports refers to competitive video games that are often coordinated by different leagues and tournaments. In recent years, e-sports have become one of the fastest-growing forms of new media, due to the growing source of online games and the development of online broadcasting technologies.

According to the American Optometric Association1, 70–75 percent of those who work on computers suffer from computer vision syndrome. Symptoms may include fatigue, headache, neck pain, back pain, fatigue, eye strain2, eye fatigue, double and occasional blurred vision, sensitivity to flashes, poor distance vision, poor color vision, and difficulty refocusing.

Computer glasses for gamers

You probably already know how the blue light emitted from a digital device affects your eyes. If you are a gamer, you are probably overexposed to that harmful blue light. Maybe it is time to consider buying e-sports computer glasses. Computer glasses have lenses with protective "HEV blue light" filters that block blue light, an anti-reflective layer, and special tinted filters that reduce digital eye strain and screen glare, improve contrast perception, and offer a more natural color experience. Wearing computer glasses for gaming3 allows the eyes to relax and provides them with optimal protection.

Such optimal features offer you the opportunity to spend many hours gaming without experiencing fatigue or discomfort.

Gaming as a sport

Video gaming is no longer just a hobby but also a career choice, and is an extremely developed industry throughout the world. Over the years, there has been a lot of discussion about how long-term playing of video games has an impact on health, both physically and mentally. One of the areas of particular concern is eye vision. Can playing video games negatively affect the health of your eyes? If you play video games regularly, it is important to consider what steps to take to protect your eyesight. This is important if you wish to play for a long time and not compromise the health of your eyes.

Can gaming threaten your vision?

Research4 shows that people do not blink enough when they are focused on what they are doing (when working with computers, the frequency of blinking is reduced by up to a factor of five), which leads to dryness and eye fatigue. The problem is that when we are working, we rarely take a break, so we have to look away from the computer every 20 minutes, and it is desirable to look into the distance. This is especially important if your kid is overexposed to harmful blue light. Kids are the most sensitive among us, and thus as a parent you need to take proper care of their eyes from an early age to develop healthy vision. Children's eyesight can be additionally damaged by playing games on the computer, tablets, and phones.

Today, in a world filled with digital devices, it is difficult to escape them, including video games, whether you are playing on a TV, a smartphone, or a computer. Your eyes have to work harder to stay focused on the digital screen, which can lead to eye strain. Eye strain usually occurs when you look at something for a long time.

This could be common among those who do e-sports without regular breaks. Concentration on the screen can sometimes lead to irritability or sore eyes. The problem with vision is also affected by reflection from the screen and dim lighting. However, wearing gaming glasses can certainly reduce all these symptoms so you feel more comfortable while playing games.

Prospek glasses

Prospek glasses eliminate the unwanted effect of blue light and screen reflections, which allows for a more comfortable and relaxed look, without eye strain, during long gaming sessions. The use of blue light blocking glasses eliminates and prevents the eye problems caused by long-term use of digital devices, such as fatigue and red eyes, headaches, dryness (irritation), and blurred and double vision. These symptoms are grouped together under the term computer vision syndrome. Specific causes of these problems are difficulty focusing on the screen, glare, less blinking while looking at the screen5, and others. Most importantly, artificial blue light of the screen has a negative impact not only on your eyes but also on your overall health.

Prospek glasses can be used not only if you work from home but also if you are a gamer. Prospek computer glasses help both women and men relieve the migraine, eye-strain, and dry-eye symptoms associated with being exposed to too much blue light. Also, there are blue light blocking gaming glasses with clear lenses.

Some of our blue light blocking glasses are also considered e-sports computer glasses, such as our Arctic, Professional, Dynamic, Cateyes, and Peak lines, and there are many others you can choose that fit your needs. All the lens materials are polycarbonate with seven layers of blue light protection. The frame material is TR90, an extremely durable and comfortable polycarbonate frame.

Take care of your eyes while gaming

If you are worried about your vision, especially while playing video games, consult a professional ophthalmologist or optician. Even if you do not have diopters, wearing blue light glasses in front of the screen can be helpful in preventing many eye conditions.

Blue light glasses for e-sports can prevent eye strain, make it easier to focus, and provide better visibility. They contain additional protective layers on the lenses that provide adequate protection against unpleasant glare from the screen and the harmful effects of blue light, thus improving your vision.

If you are a passionate player, it is extremely important that you take proper breaks and days off from gaming. Spend some time in nature, so that your eyes enjoy natural light and focus on the distance. You can additionally pay attention to your eyesight by having a healthy diet.

Measures you can take to reduce computer eye symptoms:

  • Have regular eye examinations.
  • Your computer monitor should be placed at a distance equal to the length of your arm, right in front of you, not to the side, and the center of the monitor should be below eye level.
  • Your computer should never be the only or strongest source of light in the room.
  • Provide enough light to reduce glare. You can adjust the brightness and contrast of the monitor to control the glare of the computer.
  • Blink regularly.
  • Clean the monitor, because dust can reduce the clarity of the monitor image, making it difficult for the eyes to work.
  • Take short breaks every 15 minutes. Walking, stretching, or simply taking your eyes off the computer can reduce muscle tension and increase blood flow.
  • Prevent eye discomfort with the 20-20-20 rule6. Every 20 minutes look 20 feet away from the computer screen and focus on distant objects for 20 seconds.
  • Wear special computer glasses for gaming.

To sum up

It is important to take proper care of your eyes whether you are a gamer or just want to spend your free time on your favorite digital device. Excessive blue light can cause certain eye-related conditions, which can additionally cause unpleasant symptoms. Wearing blue light blocking glasses can ease all these symptoms and help you to stay hours in front of the screen without experiencing discomfort. Spend your breaks in nature or by a lake; we are sure your eyes would like that! While there are a number of reasons why limiting your screen time is a good idea, at least one troubling issue can be easily managed.

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