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Computer Screen Glasses for Eye Strain

Your eyes are just as important as any other organ in your body, so you should take proper care of them. Exposure to harmful factors in the external environment, such as excessive blue light radiation, can have a negative impact on your eyes. We live in a time when most people spend a significant part of their lives in front of computers, and staring at mobile phones and other digital devices. Of course, the benefits of using such devices are undeniable, but the unwanted consequences can be far greater if we don’t use them responsibly. Excessive use of digital devices can affect our health, because it may cause eye-related conditions and many more problems.

Blue light blocking glasses

You are already familiar with the harmful effects of UV radiation on your vision. Buying computer glasses with UV protection can be one solution to avoid eye-related conditions. If you are exposed to the harmful blue radiation emitted by digital screens, at some point you may experience eye strain, headaches, migraines, or dry and tired eyes. Blue light is also known as high-energy visible (HEV) light because it emits more energy due its shorter wavelengths. That’s why HEV light is sometimes associated with age-related macular degeneration.1

Computer glasses have a special coating on the lenses that provides optimum protection against harmful blue light radiation. The coating blocks a certain amount of blue light radiating from our screens, which results in reduced fatigue, eye strain, and glare, as well as giving you better vision for completing your tasks. 

Eye strain and computer vision syndrome

Computer vision syndrome2 is an eye condition where a person notices a reduction in the quality of their vision, and the occurrence of regular headaches, unpleasant eye tingling, and fatigue. Treatment for computer vision syndrome should begin with these helpful tips. You should take several breaks from work, moving away from the computer screen, ideally for 10 to15 minutes, or at least every two to three hours. Two effective preventive measures would be the use of eye-strain glasses and special eye drops.

Words and images on the computer screen are created by combinations of tiny light dots (pixels) that are brightest at their center and reduce in intensity toward their edges. This makes it difficult for your eyes to focus on them. Your eyes attempt to reduce the intensity of focus and thus be more rested, but due to the nature of the pixels, they have to strain to see clearly what is on the screen. This continuous tension of the eye muscles creates the syndrome of computer vision and tired eyes.

The most common symptoms of digital stress are:

  • Eye strain.3 When we read or watch something on a digital screen, our eyes continuously move and refocus. As a result, the eye muscles work overtime, which leads to eye fatigue and eye strain.
  • Dry eye. Research4 has shown that when we use a computer, we blink less, which reduces hydration and the distribution of tears on the surface of the eyes. This causes symptoms such as itching, tingling in the eyes, and tired eyes.
  • Blurred vision. Eye strain, dry eyes, and the light from a computer screen cause blurred vision, making it difficult to recognize content on the screen. This additionally causes the eyes to strain to focus better.
  • Headaches. Looking at the screens of digital devices for a long time leads to spasms of the muscles around the eyes, and they become tired and tense over time. From time to time, this can cause your facial muscles to go into spasm, which can lead to headaches.

Spektrum Glasses have designed special layers on the lenses that absorb the harmful part of blue light radiation, not allowing it to reach sensitive parts of the eye and cause damage. Thanks to this protection, the eye muscles relax, working is much easier, because there are no eye fatigue, dryness, tingling, or scratching sensations. Moreover, for better comfort they include an anti-reflective coating that reduces glare and improves contrast, and we can now be more productive in life and work.

Who are the glasses with blue-light protection for?

If you use a computer regularly and have noticed tension in your eyes, then eye-strain glasses can help to ease that pressure, and concentrate and focus better. Blue light blocking glasses are primarily intended for people who spend most of their time in front of screens. However, eye protection is necessary for anybody who is exposed to harmful blue light radiation on a regular daily basis, especially people who "hang out" on social networks for several hours. Also, if you have trouble sleeping, or have delayed sleep phase syndrome (DSPS)5, wearing blue light blocking glasses can be effective and safe. 

Prospek blue light blocking computer glasses 

Prospek lenses provide optimum protection for your eyes. They have a multi-layer coating specifically designed to reduce glare, relieve long-term eye strain, and reduce headaches, and bring many more benefits. They provide significantly greater comfort compared to other prescription lenses, which makes them the ideal solution if your work depends on the computer or you like to spend your free time watching your favorite TV show. 

Computer reading glasses are also a perfect option to use right before bedtime. They will reduce eyestrain and headaches, and improve the quality of your sleep. Prospek Computer Glasses are available in a range of prescription strengths from + 0.0 to + 3.0, with fashionable, modern, and classy designs.

Other computer glasses on the market contain a yellow or orange tint, which most people don’t like. Spektrum Glasses have clear lenses with a subtle yellow tint and look more like regular glasses. They are also non-polarized and can block 100% of UVA and UVB, and are also known as UV protection glasses. 

Final thoughts

Prolonged exposure to harmful blue light can disturb the balance in the body and have negative consequences for your eyes. It is important to know that blue light affects your sleep cycle and mood, which leads to poor sleep quality. Bearing in mind all these factors and influences, Prospek eyeglasses can eliminate the effects of harmful blue light, protect your eyes, and improve your sleep and quality of life. Find the perfect pair of computer glasses that will satisfy your needs and at the same time perfectly adapt to your face for a flawless look and comfort. In addition, Prospek glasses will perfectly fit any of your clothing combinations.

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