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Guide to Buying Blue Light Glasses for Men

Being stuck at home means spending hours in front of a screen. Whether you are working from home or like to spend your free time watching your favorite TV show, too much exposure to blue light can have negatively affect the health of your eyes. You are tired of the frequent headaches caused by endless meetings and late-night gaming, and your eyes probably felt that, too. You are experiencing eyestrain, tickling, and dry eyes. Therefore, your only solution is to buy blue light blocking glasses and continue with your regular daily habits.

Investing in something worthwhile

Spending hours searching for high-quality blue light blocking glasses can be really exhausting. However, like every organ in your body, your eyes also need special care. Maintaining good eye health and having regular eye examinations will help you to be more concentrated and focused completing your daily tasks. Also, it will reduce eyestrain, dry eyes, headaches, migraines, eye tickling, red eyes, fatigue1, and other eye-related conditions.

When choosing the best blue light blocking glasses for men you should be careful. There are many low-quality computer glasses on the market that instead of helping you will actually worsen your condition. You should pay close attention to how much of the harmful blue light they block. The perfect amount of blue light that your computer glasses should block is 50 percent. Also, poor-quality glasses are made with yellow-tinted lenses, which some people find unattractive. Therefore, less-tinted glasses and optimal protection are what your eyes need!

Why buy blue light blocking glasses?

Many people doubt if computer glasses are the right option for eye protection. Some think they are not worth it and are just a waste of money. However, before buying blue light glasses, you should learn about the benefits2 they provide and why they are the right choice for everyone who spends hours in front of their digital device.

Here are the main blue light glasses benefits:

  • reduced headaches and migraines;
  • reduced eyestrain and eye redness3;
  • improved concentration;
  • reduced blurred vision while working on your device;
  • reduced eye tickling and eye dryness;
  • better quality of sleep4, etc.

Stop harming your eyes, especially if you are overexposed to the harmful blue light that your device is emitting. Your eyes will be thankful, because there will be no more unpleasant feelings and difficulties when completing your tasks.

Blue light glasses for men

Like women, men also like to fit their glasses to their outfits. There are many stylish blue light glasses for men, but you should pay attention to several things:

  • Frames for your face shape

Buying new frames and choosing ones that will fit your face can be really difficult and boring sometimes. When choosing the frames, many factors can impact your decision, such as your face shape, color, skin, and style. Тhe shape of your face plays the biggest role. There are about seven different face shapes, including round, oblong, heart-shaped, square, oval, and triangular, as well as the rarest, diamond- shaped. In addition, we will determine which eyeglass styles go with your face shape.

Oval face shape – almost every single type, especially square or rectangular frames;

Square face shape – rounded, oval, and aviator frames;

Round face shape – square, aviator, rectangle, and funky frames;

Heart face shape – oval or rectangle frames;

Rectangular face shape – oversized, cat's eyes, oval, and round frames;

Diamond face shape – rimless or oval frames.

  • Lens material

The lens material is also important when choosing the best blue light glasses for men. Plastic and glass are the two major types. Plastic lenses are easier to wear because they're lighter, but you can easily scratch them. On the other hand, glass lenses are more scratch-resistant but heavier to wear. The choice is yours.

  • Choose those with the best quality

Effective blue light blocking glasses should be made of high-quality materials. Our men’s blue light blocking glasses have clearer lenses that are comfortable and adjustable for every man. They are also third-party laboratory tested and impact resistant.

Prospek glasses

Your computer glasses don’t have to be boring. You can choose glasses that are comfortable and durable but at the same time stylish. Have you come across a great pair of blue light glasses that you instantly fell in love with? If not, you have a chance now to choose glasses that will flatter you. Prospek glasses will protect you from blue light radiation, and you’ll also be stylish and attractive. They also block 100 percent of UVA and UVB light.

Some of our best blue light blocking glasses for men are:

  • Copper

Our Copper glasses have an anti-reflective coating for optimal protection with less tint. The frame materials are acetate for the frame, and stainless steel for the arm arms with acetate tips, while the lens material is Tritan copolyester. The lens material is a high-quality material with excellent clarity and impact resistance.

  • Granite

Our Granite glasses will provide immediate and lasting relief. Wearing blue light glasses will help you to relieve migraines, eye strain, and dry eyes associated with too much exposure to blue light. The Granite frames are made of acetate, and the arms are stainless steel with acetate tips. The lens material is Tritan copolyester.

  • Dynamic

Our Dynamic glasses are classic and simple, and suitable for all occasions. The frames are made of TR90, and stainless steel. They are very comfortable and durable glasses. The lenses are made of polycarbonate, a very light material that you will be happy to wear.


Final thoughts

Your glasses can impact your whole style and look. So, it's important to pick the most suitable design for your face. Besides watches, bags, hats, etc., glasses are also accessories. That’s why blue light blocking glasses aren’t just ordinary frames. Whatever the occasion, wearing glasses adds to your overall look. So, go ahead and try on your favorite pair!

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