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Health Benefits of Wearing Blue Light Blocking Glasses

We talked about what is blue light. You already know the negative impact blue light has on your health. You are now wondering what are the benefits of wearing blue light blocking glasses. Do you ever find it hard focusing, sleeping, or feeling discomfort in your eyes?

Digital devices emit blue light radiation which is harmful to the eyes, for which it is recommended to wear computer glasses.

Blue light blocking glasses are responsible to protect your eyes and health. Wearing these glasses has many health benefits that we will discuss in this article.

Is it worth wearing blue light blocking glasses?

Blue light is everywhere around us. Using devices, especially now during the pandemic, has increased. Therefore, it is important to protect our eyes and health. Some benefits from wearing blue light blocking glasses are:

Reduce eyestrain 

Did you ever feel eye strain from being on your device? Maybe your eyes felt irritated during the day or have blurred vision? Wearing computer glasses might help

Spending hours exposed to blue light might damage the retina. The retina contains light-sensitive cells and it is responsible for receiving the visual stimulus. Blue light can damage the retina cells, which can further lead to a vision problem, like muscular degeneration. 

Computer glasses are made to ease eye fatigue. They have an anti-reflecting coat that helps to reduce glare and will increase the contrast on your screen for better viewing.

Reduce headaches and migraines 

Blue light triggers headaches and causes migraines. Wearing glasses can help you stay focused on things easier. Also, they might reduce the frequency of your headaches, so you won’t feel tired throughout the day.

If you are struggling with any of these conditions,  we strongly suggest you wear blue light blocking glasses while spending your time in front of the TV, mobile devices, computers at work and home, etc. 

Improve sleep quality

According to one study in older adults with cataracts, wearing blue light blocking glasses improved sleep and significantly reduced daily dysfunction. Another study shows improvement in sleep quality in people with insomnia. 

Light exposure, especially before bed, can harm your sleep quality and duration. Wearing glasses that block blue light can improve your sleep.

Final thoughts

Blue light blocking glasses can be helpful for many health conditions and may alleviate various symptoms. If you can’t make pauses at work or can’t go to bed without Instagram, or your favorite movie, then blue light blocking glasses are the perfect solution for you!