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How to Keep Your Desk Clutter-Free and Be More Productive

We are aware that most people hate doing chores, but cleaning your desk is much more than tidying up: it means no more diving into the piles of paper, searching for the document we need or for our favorite pen. And the most important thing, besides saving precious time, is that we are more productive when our office desk is clean.

Here are some tips that will help you keep your desk tidy so you can concentrate on your work and be more successful.

Clean up every day. You should clean your desk every day before you start work. Once you declutter your desk, all you have to do is spend a few minutes every day cleaning and putting stuff in its proper place to prevent a new mess developing.

Keep important things close. Every item should have its place. Also, the things you often use should be within arm’s reach or in the nearest drawer. Pencil holders and paper trays should also be kept near.

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Organize and label. File folders and projects jackets are great for organizing your documents. Once you do the sorting and labeling, it will a lot easier to find the files you need. So, spending a little time organizing is not lost time; it's an investment – no more piles, no more mess, and no more headaches.

Keep the trash can close. This means that you will be more willing to throw away the papers you don't need. And also, it's more likely you won't forget to take the trash out when it's right there in front of you unless you want to practice “office basketball” a little. But don't forget to put the can back when the game ends.

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There's no room for emotion. If you want a clean workplace, you can't keep all the things you think you might need one day (you probably never will). Keep only a few personal things, but don't let them take over your desk and workplace.

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