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How to Take Care of Your Eyeglasses

Taking care of your glasses can mean many things: keeping them clean so you can see better, or keeping them comfortable and spotless like they are brand new so you can wear them for years. Also, taking proper care of glasses is more than taking care of something you paid for, it has much to do with style and health.

The first Taking care of your glassesthing, and probably the most important, is to forget about cleaning your glasses on your sleeves. Yes, we understand it is easy and convenient, but it can damage the lenses. You should always use special micro-fiber cloth or wipes designed for this particular purpose. That's the best way to remove all the dust, and you must agree that putting shiny, spotless glasses on is an amazing feeling.

There are also a few tips to help you preserve your favorite spectacles and keep them functioning perfectly and looking beautiful for a long time:

  • Keep your spectacles in their case (obviously, this refers to the times when you are not wearing them).

  • Take your glasses off using both hands.

  • Don't place your glasses lenses face down on surfaces.

  • Clean the frames with lukewarm water and a drop of lotion-free, pH-neutral dish soap.

If you take care of your glasses, they will take good care of your eyes! If you want to know more about eye protection and why you definitely need blue light blocking glasses, read this helpful article - The benefits of Blue Light Glasses.