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Improve Night Vision with Night Driving Glasses

For some people driving at night is fun and exciting, while for others it is calm and peaceful. However, many people find it hard, tedious, and disturbing. Every driver has their personal affinities, desires, and requirements, but it is important to emphasize that, according to experience and research, day driving is considered much safer than night driving. Statistically, more accidents happen at night1 regardless of age.

Therefore, if you have difficulties with night driving, we recommend wearing night driving glasses.

Night vision difficulties

Reduced daylight brings its own challenges, so you must be prepared for night driving. Decreased visibility requires being more careful, concentrated, and having excellent driving skills. Lower visibility on the road causes a very high risk for driving safety. This is sometimes a result of the dirt on the headlights. Another cause is dimmer headlights, which can cause difficulties and you don’t see things clearly.

Maybe one of the most frequent causes for having night vision difficulties is driving while fatigued or sleepy. Fatigue is one of the main risk factors for traffic accidents because in those moments, attention and concentration drop drastically.

Night driving glasses: a useless or necessary item?

Night driving glasses can sometimes be very helpful, as many drivers complain of blurred vision while driving at night. Poor night vision can affect people of any age. It takes 20 minutes for our eyes to adjust and focus in the dark. Our eyes are adjusting by dilating the pupils to take in more light. However, they can’t change focus quickly between objects. It takes a while to have a better vision. Maybe you will experience blurred vision, which will be temporary. This is not a problem in everyday lives, but it can become a real issue while going on a long night road. That’s why we recommend wearing night driving glasses. Take a look at our IlLumin night driving glasses.

IlLumin night-driving glasses 

IlLumin night driving glasses (I-L-Lumin) help to increase night vision and improve visibility. They enhance the contrast while at the same time reducing the glare from the lights of cars driving in the opposite direction. If you have trouble driving at night, take a closer look at our high-quality night driving glasses:

Shift glasses are a great option as 90% of your driving depends on your vision. They have high- quality lenses which prevent headaches and reduce eye fatigue. The Shift glasses have a slight yellow tint that improves vision by letting the right amount of light in. The frame is made from TR90, and the lens material is polycarbonate. As high-quality and stable glasses, they are non-polarized as well.

If you can’t see clearly during night driving, Vector glasses are ideal for poor weather conditions. They are very comfortable, stable, and stylish glasses with high-quality lenses that prevent eye fatigue and headaches. The frame is made of PC and TR90, which are durable and scratch-resistant. The lens material is polycarbonate.

Great night driving glasses that eliminate glare reflected by other cars and surrounding lights. They are very comfortable and adjustable for men and women. The frame material is TR90 and stainless steel. Like Shift and Vector, Sol lenses are made of polycarbonate and are non-polarized. They are also durable and effective in reducing headaches and eye fatigue.

All IlLumin glasses are anti-glare glasses that block 100% of UVA and UVB. They are also adjustable and effective for different weather conditions, including rain, snow, and fog. This means that they improve your depth perception and ability to distinguish colors, especially at night because your eyes may be tired.

Tips for improving night vision driving 

During each trip, people look forward to reaching their desired destination. As a driver, you need to be responsible, careful, and follow certain rules. This is especially important if you drive at night. During the day, the roads are more busy, and they are most relaxed in the evening. If you prefer night driving, drive with lower speeds because the visibility is lower. Driving at night brings many challenges, potential threats, and dangers in terms of safety, so we advise you to pay more attention. Therefore, let’s focus on several things you can do:

1. Car maintenance 

Having regular car maintenance2 is a key to avoiding any kinds of accidents. Your lights need to be clean3 and in the right position because if they are dirty, they scatter light everywhere (light dispersion). For a better visibility, less fatigue and eyestrain, and preventing unpredictable circumstances, prepare your car to be in its best driving condition.

2. Maintaining good eye health 

We should not forget to maintain healthy eyesight. As we age, our vision is reduced and thus we have to make regular appointments. Any kind of eye-related condition can affect driving and lead to unwanted situations. That’s why exercising, good eye nutrition is key for better vision.

3. Follow rules and be a responsible driver 

For added safety, every driver should always pay attention to the speed limit, because in night conditions, speeding increases the risk of causing a traffic accident. While driving, do not use a mobile phone, do not ignore the signs, and pay attention to other road users. To be a responsible driver, and to provide a more comfortable and safe trip for you and others, it is important to follow the rules.

4. Take a regular breaks 

During night driving, drivers sometimes feel tired. Fatigue can be due to insomnia, long or unknown journey, driving in the night, and more. According to European statistics4 for increased traffic safety, the driver should rest every 2 to 4 hours.

Therefore, we recommend you do not ignore fatigue, rest when you need it, avoid all medications that can cause drowsiness, and take more frequent breaks.

Final thoughts 

Based on what is mentioned above, certain things bring their own consequences. Therefore, before each trip, get organized, make a plan, and familiarize yourself with the route as much as possible. Wear night driving glasses to improve your night vision. We wish you a safe and secure trip!

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