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Looking Good in Specs

In some cases, specs might be the best option for you; versus contacts which can get so irritable and are hard to use with allergies, astigmatism or dry eye syndrome. You can make glasses fun and fashionable!

Do you remember as kids, or even an adult saying, “I don’t want to wear glasses. Do I have to ?”

Today there are so many kinds of frames, so, so many color combinations and thousands of designs with added bling and embellishments.


Match Your Personality with Your Specs

Here’s some Types of Personality:
  1. Teacher…. more serious, instructor glasses, dark rims but you can vary the size, round ones, oblong, square ones. Perhaps the minimal look, bookworm, librarian type.
  2. Nerdy…. Straight across, thick, Geek like. They need good glasses for close computer work.
  3. High Tech Engineers…. Techies anything goes but they need protection from those EMF waves, radiation light, from screens on computers and phones.
  4. Movie stars want to be in fashion, actresses or actors can be drab to bright, crazy, blingy or manly, stud, hunk and back to serious. They need protection from those movie lights.
  5. Housewives can be a home body look to a sexy goddess. Just like the TV show The Housewives.
  6. Construction workers need the safety type, strong, more heavy duty; helping to save their eyes.
  7. Sports and Athletes need special protection, they want to make sure they stay on, they are strong, wrap around glasses perform well, enhanced high activity with polarized filter.
  8. Hipsters, Rockers, Bohemians, Vintage, and Aviator are even more personalities, making a statement with bold pattern, embellishments or just funk.

Or do you just like a certain look!

Cat Eyes Woman

Perhaps like those “cat eye” glasses. I know when I was a young girl, I was mortified and teased to have to wear those catty glasses. Whereas today they are back in style and considered sexy, sleek, lithe like a jaguar cat.

Specs for Multiple Personality Days

If you use many electrical devices like most of us today, you need protection from all the blue light emitted from those screens. These include computer, phone, TV and even the new LED light bulbs.

Blue lights are rays that distort your biological clock or circadian rhythm. This is considered a stress to our body, on top of all other job family and life stresses.
Also, blue waves decrease your melatonin level, which affects your sleep in a negative way. These blue light waves can damage your eyes.

In these cases you might need to have several types of glasses. Say, day time glasses when you are doing a lot of computer work and need blue light protection, Evening specs for watching TV or during fun, play time, you wear your “real personality” specs for after work.


 Elite Glasses


How Your Glasses Say Who You Are

The type of glasses you wear may determine your attitude. Glasses are an external expression of you. We can alter or change how we are perceived by using interchangeable rims or different glasses. They give you character. They can let you be low key or remain unnoticeable.
For instance, rectangular often perceived as a mature, hard working person. A square is a classic nerd frame and emphasis nerd when you wrap a piece of tape around the bridge of the glasses! Or do you feel like the feline personality with the “cat eyes” as worn by Marilyn Monroe.


The Psych Aspect of Wearing Glasses

A study written by Psychology Today, allows you a look into how people form opinions about a person. It often is dependent on if or what kind of specs they wear.
Just like the new TV show called “Bull”, studies show jurors decide a defendant’s outcome if you wear specs! Juries are lenient with non-eye glass wearers, since glasses are perceived as less attractive. Of course we as a people, desire attractiveness.
Whereas, in white collar crimes glasses mean you are more intelligent, so the defendant receives a harsher sentence.
Race is also, affected by juries for guilt or innocence. African Americans benefit most by wearing glasses, since they are perceived as friendlier and less threatening.
Wow…. I bet you never knew how a psych evaluation could affect these kinds of results.


Six tips on How Your Glasses Change Your Values

  1. Honesty, as in wayfarer’s or plain, simple librarian lens.
  2. Trustworthy, studies show more with full rims.
  3. Intelligent. It seems logical but if you wear standard dark rimmed glasses you must read more… so are smarter.
  4. Threatening, as in jury work, specs take away an apparent threat level, especially with men.
  5. Social Personality if you wear prestige glasses, logos, i.e. Prada, means your conscious of self and wants to or need to impress.

Even in job interviews glass wearers have been shown to perform better.
In earlier centuries, and even now, spectacles, for kids meant they had a good chance of being bullied. It seems like wearing specs are a disability, a negative connation, a weakness.
Then too in earlier eras they felt you might damage your eyes if you were a bookworm. It was even considered a sign of weakened authority. History has said that Hitler was told by the Nazi party, to never appear in public with his glasses.
Overall, men with glasses lose out on leadership or strength. Both men and women are linked to possibly being more socially awkward when wearing glasses.


Your Spec Personality

In review, Spec wearers are more honest, sophisticated, intelligent, dependable and industrious.
Hollywood has a fascinating approach to eyeglasses. They are used to “be in character” for the film. Many actors or actresses are associated as a certain type of character or personality by a film role. This changes when in real life they are seen with a completely different type of specs.
So yes, you can be different, change your attitudes, by changing your specs.
Be crazy, be fashionable, or be practical. Have fun, be yourself, or pretend. You have so many variables…keep them guessing.




Leder, H., Forster, M., & Gerger, G. (2011). The glasses stereotype revisited: Effects of eyeglasses on perception, recognition, and impression of faces. Swiss Journal Of Psychology / Schweizerische Zeitschrift Für Psychologie / Revue Suisse De Psychologie, 70(4), 211-222. doi:10.1024/1421-0185/a000059

Cindy Burrows, B.S., M.T., Herbalist, is a Natural Health Consultant helping individuals start health programs to improve their life, wellness and happiness. Cindy is a speaker, writer and entrepreneur of several businesses.