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Taking Care of Your Eyeglasses

Do you wear glasses every day? Every type of eyeglasses tends to get oily with dirt and dust. Therefore, you must maintain them properly. Glasses are very sensitive, so improper handling often causes scratching of the lens. We know how irritating dirt can be on your glasses. Not only it is annoying, but it can also cause eyestrain and headaches as well. If your eyeglasses have been uncleaned for a long time, bacteria are more likely to grow on them.

Therefore, keep reading to find out how to clean your eyeglasses properly.

How to clean your eyeglasses 

The lenses are the key to clear vision and focus. Thus, we should point several tips:

The right cloth

Choosing the right type of cloth to clean your glasses is the most important thing in order to have more durable glasses. For example, a microfiber cloth1 is the most effective way, because it doesn’t leave fiber on the lens while cleaning. They can also nicely remove oil stains due to their soft material and dense fabric. However, because they are so effective in absorbing grease and dirt, you need to wash them often. Wash the cloth by hand in clean water with dishwashing liquid, and then leave it to dry.

Use gentle moves

Gently wipe from one side to the other in a circular motion. Know that the cleaner removes oil not only from the glass but also from the nose pads, the parts of the handles that go behind the ears, and the entire frames. Do not neglect these areas when cleaning the glasses, as the oil can cause them to weaken. Also, clean the area where the lens edges touch the frame. Dust, dirt, and grease often accumulate in this area.

Use a suitable cleaning spray

Most of the time you clean the glasses to get rid of grease from your skin or hair, which gets transferred there through physical contact. A special glasses cleaner will help you remove stains from the lenses. We recommend trying our Prospek lens cleaner. Prospek cleaning spray has a unique formula designed for everyday use. It has the powerful ability to clean your glasses without damaging the coating, with an easy and quick spray. The results from using our cleaner are perfect and leave the lenses without residue.


How to clean glasses frames

Like your lenses, your frames also need to be clean and require a proper way of maintenance. You can simply put them under warm water to get rid of the dirt, dust, and oil. You can also use mild soap for better cleaning. After that, use a microfiber cloth to remove the excessive water. 

Always wash your hands before cleaning your eyeglasses. To prevent your glasses from getting greasy, make sure that your hands are clean and have no dirt or lotion left in order to apply proper cleaning.

What not to do?

Do not use window and surface cleaners as some of the ingredients may damage the lenses and coatings. Try to avoid nail polishes because they contain acetone. Acetone is very harmful to the lenses and can damage the coating. Saliva2 is another way of how not to clean your glasses. No matter how desperately you must clean them, try to avoid saliva as much as you can because you will not work well. Instead of cleaning them, you will cover your lenses with bacteria, which is an additional issue. Do not wipe the glasses with paper towels or toilet paper as they may damage the lenses. Do not use the edge of your t-shirt too, especially when the lenses are dry, as this may cause scratches and damage them.

The best way for holding your glasses

How you store and how you hold your glasses impact proper maintenance. That’s why you should pay attention to several things, such as:

  • use a spectacle case3 when you are not wearing them
  • always take them off with both of your hands
  • don’t place them everywhere, especially on your bed
  • always place them down on the frames, never on the lenses
  • never leave the glasses near a heat source as this may deform the shape of the frames
  • when not in use, don’t leave them on top of your head. Instead, use glasses straps if you want to keep them near you

Final thoughts

Glasses do not last forever. They will inevitably be scratched due to daily use, as well as accidental falls or improper maintenance. Lenses can be scratch-resistant to a certain extent, however, that is not enough. When buying glasses, consult your optometrist. The good news is that if you follow all these tips, you will be able to keep your glasses clean and without scratches for a long time.


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