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Use & Benefits of Wearing Computer Glasses

The main source of harmful blue light besides the sun is the one coming out from our digital screens. Because of TVs, tablets, computers and phones, we are constantly exposed to unhealthy blue light radiation. By wearing blue light glasses, you can limit the amount of blue light that enters your eyes, which leads to better concentration and focus by reducing eyestrain, and headaches.

Why Computer Glasses?

Computer glasses are very popular nowadays because people are constantly using devices, so their use is not surprising. This is especially evident now during the pandemic and the increasing transition to online learning, studying, as well as more frequent business "Zoom meetings". Therefore, many people spend more than 4 hours a day in front of the screen.

Although technology has helped us a lot, it also has negative consequences for our eyes and overall health. Our eyes are under constant stress and pressure while we are in front of our computer for a long time. That’s why wearing computer glasses can help us to reduce eye strain, headaches, migraines, and so on. Wearing computer glasses can help your eyes because they contain a special coating against the screen's radiation.

What Are The Benefits of Wearing Computer Glasses?

To avoid the so-called computer vision syndrome1, we can follow a few rules such as taking breaks from working on the computer, practicing eye gymnastics, proper lighting of the room where we work, etc.

However, despite all of this, computer glasses are often necessary. These glasses have a unique layer that blocks a certain amount of blue light radiation from our screens. The following are among the benefits of using screen glasses:

  • protects against exposure to UV radiation and blue light
  • reduce eyestrain
  • reduce headaches
  • alleviate migraine
  • protect from developing eye-related conditions
  • help in dryness, tingling, itching disappear
  • improve visual activity
  • reduce glare from the screen

Who Should Wear Blue Light Glasses?

More and more people need to protect their eyes and prevent eye-related conditions. It doesn't matter how long you are in front of the screen or how old you are, these glasses are suitable for everyone, even the elderly and children. We recommend that you take a look at our Prospek kids blue light blocking glasses. 

Types of Computer Glasses 

We offer the best computer glasses for men, as well as the best computer glasses for women. In order for computer glasses to be effective, they need to block at least 50% of blue light.

All our Prospek blue light glasses can be used as computer screen glasses that will protect you from the blue light radiation your computer or device emits. They are also UV-protection glasses because they block 100% of UVA and UVB.

How to Choose Computer Glasses for The Computer?

If these glasses seem like a great idea and something you need, we offer high-quality and third- party laboratory-tested glasses. When choosing, pay attention to:

Lenses type
Some people need glasses for a computer with diopters or magnification, and some only need the regular ones. Also, most of the blue light blocking glasses on the market are cheap and with yellow lenses. You should pay attention to the quality of your glasses. Remember, the best blue light glasses must block 50% or more of blue light!

Frame material
Maybe this seems like the least important thing, but you should feel confident and comfortable when wearing computer glasses. Choose glasses with frames made from TR90. TR90 is the most strong, durable, and impact-resistant material. The Prospek glasses are made from TR90 material.

Weight of glasses
The glasses you wear must be comfortable otherwise you can feel pain on your nose and pressure behind your ears. Some people prefer plastic lenses, which weigh less and are easier to wear. There are also lenses made of glass material, which are easy for cleaning. Glass lenses are way too heavy and uncomfortable2, thus many people avoid them. However, they both have advantages and disadvantages and the choice is yours.

The type of your activity

If you require magnification, computer reading glasses will provide the perfect focus for your vision and will alleviate unnecessary eye strain, which will affect your eyesight health. If you like playing games, our premium blue blocking glasses will provide you with lasting strain relief while gaming.

Final Thoughts 

Every person should wear protective screen glasses if spending hours in front of their device. Whether you are working from home, or love to read online, wearing computer glasses that block blue light will have many health benefits, as mentioned above. While choosing the best glasses, pay attention to the several tips discussed above. Your eyes are the most important organs in your body, and we need to protect them as much as possible. In fact, the right solution is to find great computer glasses that will suit your daily routine the most.

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