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When Should You Wear Blue Light Glasses?

You probably heard a lot about blue light glasses by now. Blue light is everywhere around us. As we know, too much exposure to blue light is harmful to your health. To protect your eyes and your overall health, it is important to wear protective computer glasses.

There are many claims1 about the harmful effects of blue light emitted by computers, TVs, and telephones, and more and more people can’t live without blue light glasses due to their health benefits, such as reduced eye strain and better sleep quality. Our list includes the best blue light blocking glasses on the market, so you can choose the pair that suits you the most. They are adjustable for everyone.

The hype about blue-light-blocking glasses is real and we will explain why.

Why Blue Light Is Bad for Your Health?

Blue light comes naturally from the sun and artificially from our digital devices. Spending hours in front of your device, it can have adverse effects on your health. For example, if you are working from home, you probably spend more than 8 hours per day in front of your computer. This will cause overexposure to blue light, and you should consider wearing blue light blocking glasses. Overexposure can cause eyestrain, headaches, difficulties with focus and concentration, and many more negative effects. Also, using your phone right before bedtime can cause sleep disruption.

When To Wear Blue Light Glasses?

Blue lens glasses can reduce the amount of harmful blue light radiation. Therefore, generally speaking, the best time to wear these glasses is whenever you are exposed to blue light. This includes:

  • Working from home

Very often when we are in front of our digital devices like mobile phones, laptops, tablets, TV, etc., we don’t think about the possible harmful effects of blue light. Working from home means spending hours in front of our computer. This is bad because our eyes are working under pressure to stay focused and concentrated. The more complex the work, the worse the eye conditions are becoming because more effort is needed, and that has a negative impact not only on your eyes2 and vision but also on your health in general.

  • Staying on your device

Watching your favorite TV show is one way where you can’t leave your device. Also, if you like reading your favorite book online and staying on your tablet for hours, for example, computer reading glasses can be a perfect solution for maintaining good eye health.

  • Better sleep
Maybe you can’t fall asleep without watching a movie or some interesting show. In this case, wearing blue light blocking glasses is a must. As mentioned before, blue light has effects on your sleep-wake cycle. According to one research3, if you’re exposed to blue light before you go to sleep, your body doesn’t release enough melatonin and you will have trouble falling asleep.

Best Blue Light Glasses

Our glasses block over 50% of the blue light. They are suited for every woman and man.

Some of our best women’s blue light glasses are Artist, Cateyes, Amber, Onyx, Aura, and Era. All these glasses are very durable and don’t break easily.

Some of our blue light glasses for men include Copper, Granite, and Dynamic. These men's blue light glasses are with high quality and long-lasting eyeglasses. They can be also a good option as computer glasses for men.

All our products are designed with the highest technology and suitable for everyone. They are non-polarized and third-party laboratory tested.

Do You Need Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

Shortly, the answer is YES! Evidence suggests4 that exposure to blue light can have serious consequences in the long term. Because blue light can pass through the back of the retina, it may lead to vision changes like age-related macular degeneration5.

If you often use your phone or tablet at night, you may benefit from trying them out. If you really feel less eye strain and health improvement from wearing them, then you should not change your mind, and you should invest in something worthwhile. If you want to find glasses with the best quality, you can simply try with a quick Prospek blue light glasses amazon search.

Final Thoughts

We are living in a digital world, where digital devices are all around us and we can’t avoid them. However, the things mentioned above can help you to reduce their use and decrease the blue light radiation they emit. The simplest way to avoid more exposure is to rest your eyes from time to time. Put your device aside before going to bed for better sleep quality. Sometimes rest isn’t enough to avoid eye strain, especially if you have more sensitive eyes or work extended hours in front of the computer. In that case, computer glasses can help you.

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