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Working from Home Tips

Maybe you work from home as a freelancer, or maybe you are new to this. Working from home can be really hard sometimes. However, you could still stay productive and not drive yourself crazy. If you’re recently started working remotely, it’s probably hard for you to be organized and do stuff well. It can be extremely hard because there are lots of different distractions and challenges you'll face. With a little effort, you can stay productive in your new flexible workplace. Keep reading to learn how this can be a new way to be efficient and have a positive atmosphere.

Make home office 

It’s not a comfortable place when working in your bed, and it’s bad for your posture. Make yourself a mini-office1, as it will train your brain to connect your place with work. A great tip is to always work from the same place, so you know you have responsibilities to that place, similar to your actual office.

Given the circumstances, this is easier said than done. If you have children, they need to be home because of the pandemic, which means they will constantly run around and be loud. All of this means that you may need to separate from other family members and look for a new, quiet place to work. If all this is possible, choose one or two places that you can change. Who says you cannot work from the basement, on the terrace, or in the garden?

Make a plan

Unfortunately, the morning routine that you used to do goes away, and that’s worrying because it can slow things down. At the end of the day, you realize there are still things you should do. This is common in situations like these, but there is a way to make things better.

It may be easier for you to make a schedule. For example, you can get up at the same time as when you would go to work. Organize yourself and make a plan about your daily responsibilities in advance. This will make you more efficient during the day. You need to stay focused, so while you work - work and as soon as you are done, commit to other responsibilities.

Move around 

Move at least a few times during work. Regular work in the company includes a short walk several times during the shift, jumping into another office areas for meetings, and going out for cigarettes which requires you to go down the stairs and outside. Unfortunately, at home, we can do everything without movement, which is bad for your spine.

It is good to get up and make some moves. Make phone calls while walking around the room2. You will feel the difference right away. Improper position during work results in back pain and spinal problems that you can avoid if you make a good posture3. It is good to take 5 minutes in the middle of work to stretch and straighten your back.


If you are alone at home, you may feel lonely, especially during work time. This is quite a normal situation, but there are a few tricks that will help you feel better. When you are at work, you often talk to your colleagues, who are sitting near you. You certainly need to communicate with colleagues about work-related topics, or just a simple talk during a small break. This will help you maintain your mental health4. Personal relationships are very important, especially in times
like these. We recommend calling your friends and trying to talk on the phone or going for a small walk with your partner or friends after work. It will not only help you socialize but will also help you to stay physically active.

Create a meal plan

Working from home can affect your weight and what you eat. It is easier to gain weight if you work from home because you can eat anything and whenever you like. Therefore, it is important to control yourself and to set some rules. Put the snacks aside, and have a proper breakfast that will boost your memory and concentration. If you become too hungry during work for a snack, eat fruit as if you were in the office. Create an eating plan in advance to maintain a healthy
weight, so you will not have to lose time during working hours.

Final thoughts 

Find your perfect spot and rhythm. We hope these tips will help you to be more efficient, as well as enhance your physical and mental health. The tips mentioned above are basic things to help ease the way. However, sometimes what works for somebody doesn’t work for you. Adjust these habits and do what is most comfortable for you. Maybe you want to take a long break, instead of a few short ones.

Whatever works for you is the right and best way to fulfill your responsibilities. The most important thing is to stay motivated, productive and to love your work.

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